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Christmas dinner at Bader… Thank you to Carmela, Shirley, Jackie, Ruth and Samantha. What a team!!

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What a wonderful way to end a run of five Nativity plays… Our Key Stage Two children performed and sang wonderfully this morning to a packed out hall. The Bader school community celebrating Christmas together…






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Craft area.

Craft area.

Toy stall

Toy stall

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Ellie (Chair) and Brooke (Vice Chair) joined me for lunch in my office today to discuss points raised at the last Bader School Council meeting.

Points + actions

1. Request for an after-school golf club

I was pleased to share the news that Mr Sherrington has just organised for an after-school golf club to begin in January, supported by Ingleby Barwick Golf Academy

2. Request for more playtime equipment

Ellie and Brooke were granted a sum of £300, with the instruction to select appropriate equipment from a selection of catalogues and order it.

3. Miss Martin’s class would like a new projector, new blinds and some new ceiling tiles.

Mr Feasey said that he would ask school’s ICT technician to see what could be done with the projector, and to order one if necessary. He would look at the blinds to see what the problem was, and the ceiling tiles, also (Mr Kirkbride does have some spare tiles in the store).

4. Request for games and toys for wet playtimes

All classes to discuss this with their year group teachers to see if games that are not being used at home can be brought in and stored in their classroom.

5. Request for shed to be opened at playtime

When the new playtime games arrive, they will be stored in the shed. Responsible Y5s and Y6s to be timetabled to open, look after and close the shed.

6. The bushes around the school perimeter to be cut down and replaced by a high fence.

We discussed that this would not look so pleasant, not having the greenery. Also, the effect on wildlife, especially birds that nest in the bushes. What makes it impossible is the very high cost of doing this.

7. A climbing wall

Mr Feasey explained that these are very expensive but we would hire one in for a special event, like the 40th Anniversary event on 10th November 2011.

8. To be able to sit anywhere at lunch time in the hall.

We discussed the need to keep good order in the hall. Brooke remembered when this had been introduced as an idea in the past but it hadn’t worked then and children having set places was quickly returned to.

9. Pancakes at lunch time on Pancake Day

Mr Feasey thought that this was a really good idea and it was agreed that we would approach the school cook to ask that this happened next year.

10. More school trips

Mr Feasey said, “If you go on any more than you do already, you’d never be in the classroom!” We discussed that, actually, quite a lot happens for all year groups. Amongst other things, Year 5 are going skiing in February, Year 4 are going to France in March and Year 1 and Year 2 are going to Warwick Castle in June.

11. A football pitch

Mr Sherrington has just bought some new goals for school so that we can have a pitch marked out and invite other schools over to play against us.

12. A class pet

Mr Feasey recalls this being quite problematic a couple of years ago when it came to holiday times but he would reconsider it if individual classes came forward with a good plan for caring for a pet.

13. A day without work

Mr Feasey asked Ellie and Brooke to take this back to council members and come back to him with their definition of ‘work’.

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Before (09:30)

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A group of Bader pupils lit up Stockton Christmas Market on Friday afternoon, singing Christmas Carols for the shoppers –


They all came back, having thoroughly enjoyed themselves, armed with a selection box each!

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