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The best prepared solar eclipse observer at Bader Primary School this morning? Carmella, our school cook – sporting a pair of home-made safety spectacles. Venturing into the kitchen for my daily flapjack, I thought Darth Vader was paying us a visit!! Or Dame Edna, perhaps?


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Four of our Year 3 pupils delighted in being able to have a conversation with same age children in Moscow, via Skype, as we look to develop links with the Moscow Innovative Language Centre, Moscow. The children talked about family, pets, favourite food and hobbies for 20 minutes.


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Alas, Sir Ken was not there in person, but his message was. What a truly outstanding communicator and such an important message… A culture of possibilities…

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Not content with performing at yesterday’s World Book Day assembly, some of our Year 2 children demanded the opportunity for a repeat performance this morning so that we could share with the world the myth that is ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’…

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World Book Day was a huge success again this year. The day saw every class select their favourite book and work with that throughout the day. Some fantastic work was shared in a whole school assembly on the afternoon, with, arguably, Y2 stealing the show with their hip-hop dance routine based on their chosen book Giraffes Can’t Dance. And Brett the Giraffe showed us that, actually, he can dance! A great day ended with every child in school being awarded a book. Other ‘favourite’ books included: Dinosaurs Love Underpants, The Girl Who Loved Wellies, The Lost Happy Endings, Charlotte’s Web and The Boy in Striped Pyjamas.




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So many exciting things planned for World Book Day at Bader. What better way to start the day than with a story…




Raid the library…


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Some of our Y4 and Y5 boys brought something new to Thornaby this afternoon – land yachting on Harold Wilson Field. Thank you Zenith Leisure + Adam Parr for the great pics!





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Our school dinners are the best! Our cook, Carmela + her wonderful team (Shirley, Jackie, Sammie and Anne) serve up great meals, always with a smile and with the utmost respect and care for our children. What a thrill it was today to go to the hatch to find that my favourite dinner was on the menu. And was it good!




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