After winning through to represent their school in the Thornaby Spelling Bee Contest 2015, teams of four pupils from Bader, Harewood and Thornaby C of E, met today at Thornaby Academy and pitted themselves against one another in a titanic struggle! An immaculately well behaved, supportive audience observed in awed silence as the two last contestants slugged it out. Finally, the tie break word: onomatopoeia. And we had a winner! Bader’s very own Thornaby Spelling Bee Champion of 2015: Ciaran! Again, silence as team scores were totted up. The winning team: Bader Primary School! I took great pride in the Bader Team winning, of course, but also hold absolute respect and admiration for all the young competitors. Not an easy word among them, some really tricky ones, and some absolute corkers!! Thank you Harewood, Thornaby C of E and Thornaby Academy. Well done Ciaran, Mackenzie, Jake and Michael!!


Jake (Y4), Michael (Y4), Ciaran (Y6) and Mackenzie (Y6) Thornaby Spelling Bee Team Champions 2015


Ciaran (Y6) Thornaby Spelling Bee Champion 2015

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