Dear parents and carers,

In looking to make home-school partnership as good as it can possibly be we are looking for feedback on how well you feel school currently is at communicating with families. By clicking on ‘comment’ you will find that you are able to post your views to this blog. Because of the way our blog works your comment will not appear immediately. Please be as honest as you like about school but do avoid making comments personal about teachers. We really do want to know how things are working for you. If they are not and you point this out we promise to do something about it. Please note that you do not have to fill in the box that asks for your website.

Choosing to do this through our school blog came from a conversation I had with a member of our parent-teacher strategy group. The group is working with Dr Steve Constantino’s model for parental engagement.


We are trying very hard to create a culture that engages every family and appreciate that effective communication is important if we hope to build relationships that will lead to the very best outcomes for the pupils of Bader Primary School, your children. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Simon Feasey

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