This Sunday, 15th May, we enjoyed a special day at Bader Primary School.

We held the event in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday. All children were encouraged to make a model or graphical representation of the Queen, with all people attending the event voting for their favourite. First prize went to Kaya Harding (Y1), second prize to Daisy and Poppy Garbutt (Y3) and 3rd prize to Olivia Jordan (Y4).



The event was organised by the Bader School Parliament, supported by Miss White and Miss Cruickshank. James Wharton MP once again showed his support for the school by being present on the day. He was greeted by Bader’s Prime Minister, Sam Francis, and our Minister for Learning, Ellie Neave-Lawrence. The Bader School Parliament was formed and elected eighteen months ago so that all pupils are able to gain a deeper understanding of democracy and rule of law. Honouring our monarch by celebrating such a special event is important because of the fact that we have a constitutional monarchy, but also because we want our pupils to appreciate just how remarkable our Queen is and what a debt of gratitude we owe her for so many years of outstanding service. Something quite unique about us as a nation. All children attending the school have been presented with a HM Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday commemorative medal.


The event was extremely well attended by school community and local community members of every generation. It was supported by many local people and firms. We are particularly grateful to one of our parents, Shahab Deen of Pizza & Co. who generously donated all profits to school funds. The never ending queue at his stall spoke volumes for the food he and his team served up. We are also thankful to the Remembering Thornaby Group who allowed us to display their very impressive range of pictures of Thornaby Past, and to Cleveland Mountain Rescue who attended with one of their vehicles plus Bonny, a Search & Rescue dog.


A particularly popular side show was the naming of the lambs competition. The winners were Miss White’s brother and Ellie Marley’s brother for correctly guessing the names of the two lambs to be Mabel and Vince. The two lambs were then safely transported back home. Home being Miss King’s farm.


Happy Birthday, Your Majesty, and thank you, from all members of the Bader School community.

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