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This Sunday, 15th May, we enjoyed a special day at Bader Primary School.

We held the event in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday. All children were encouraged to make a model or graphical representation of the Queen, with all people attending the event voting for their favourite. First prize went to Kaya Harding (Y1), second prize to Daisy and Poppy Garbutt (Y3) and 3rd prize to Olivia Jordan (Y4).



The event was organised by the Bader School Parliament, supported by Miss White and Miss Cruickshank. James Wharton MP once again showed his support for the school by being present on the day. He was greeted by Bader’s Prime Minister, Sam Francis, and our Minister for Learning, Ellie Neave-Lawrence. The Bader School Parliament was formed and elected eighteen months ago so that all pupils are able to gain a deeper understanding of democracy and rule of law. Honouring our monarch by celebrating such a special event is important because of the fact that we have a constitutional monarchy, but also because we want our pupils to appreciate just how remarkable our Queen is and what a debt of gratitude we owe her for so many years of outstanding service. Something quite unique about us as a nation. All children attending the school have been presented with a HM Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday commemorative medal.


The event was extremely well attended by school community and local community members of every generation. It was supported by many local people and firms. We are particularly grateful to one of our parents, Shahab Deen of Pizza & Co. who generously donated all profits to school funds. The never ending queue at his stall spoke volumes for the food he and his team served up. We are also thankful to the Remembering Thornaby Group who allowed us to display their very impressive range of pictures of Thornaby Past, and to Cleveland Mountain Rescue who attended with one of their vehicles plus Bonny, a Search & Rescue dog.


A particularly popular side show was the naming of the lambs competition. The winners were Miss White’s brother and Ellie Marley’s brother for correctly guessing the names of the two lambs to be Mabel and Vince. The two lambs were then safely transported back home. Home being Miss King’s farm.


Happy Birthday, Your Majesty, and thank you, from all members of the Bader School community.

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Dear parents and carers,

In looking to make home-school partnership as good as it can possibly be we are looking for feedback on how well you feel school currently is at communicating with families. By clicking on ‘comment’ you will find that you are able to post your views to this blog. Because of the way our blog works your comment will not appear immediately. Please be as honest as you like about school but do avoid making comments personal about teachers. We really do want to know how things are working for you. If they are not and you point this out we promise to do something about it. Please note that you do not have to fill in the box that asks for your website.

Choosing to do this through our school blog came from a conversation I had with a member of our parent-teacher strategy group. The group is working with Dr Steve Constantino’s model for parental engagement.


We are trying very hard to create a culture that engages every family and appreciate that effective communication is important if we hope to build relationships that will lead to the very best outcomes for the pupils of Bader Primary School, your children. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Simon Feasey

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Bader Primary parents and carers are the very best, bar none! So many messages of thanks and thoughtful comments around growth and progress of individual children, this year. Our school community thrives on the support of all its members, and we are immensely proud of that. Today, our school is saying farewell to some. But, once a member of the Bader school community, always a member. We know you will come back to see us. I never cease to be amazed by the number of ex-Bader pupils who flood in, given a PD Day at any of our local secondary schools. A testament, I would like to think, to the special community spirit that exists here, engendered by each and every one of us.

And as for the cakes… you’d have to travel far to do better…


Thank you Shelby’s (Y5) dad!!


A fond farewell to a much loved and respected teacher, Mr Sherrington!

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After our Year 6 Leavers ceremony on Monday, this morning saw another very special event at Bader. Some of our morning Nursery children (N2s) move up to Reception in September. Parents and other family members attended a graduation ceremony that, we hope, will be the first of many for our young learners. Our afternoon N2s will enjoy the same event this afternoon. We are also looking forward to receiving the first of our 2-Year-Olds to their new base in school, this September.









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After winning through to represent their school in the Thornaby Spelling Bee Contest 2015, teams of four pupils from Bader, Harewood and Thornaby C of E, met today at Thornaby Academy and pitted themselves against one another in a titanic struggle! An immaculately well behaved, supportive audience observed in awed silence as the two last contestants slugged it out. Finally, the tie break word: onomatopoeia. And we had a winner! Bader’s very own Thornaby Spelling Bee Champion of 2015: Ciaran! Again, silence as team scores were totted up. The winning team: Bader Primary School! I took great pride in the Bader Team winning, of course, but also hold absolute respect and admiration for all the young competitors. Not an easy word among them, some really tricky ones, and some absolute corkers!! Thank you Harewood, Thornaby C of E and Thornaby Academy. Well done Ciaran, Mackenzie, Jake and Michael!!


Jake (Y4), Michael (Y4), Ciaran (Y6) and Mackenzie (Y6) Thornaby Spelling Bee Team Champions 2015


Ciaran (Y6) Thornaby Spelling Bee Champion 2015

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Sam planned to create a mini-beast with 10 legs, 2 wings and 2 antennae. And then he delivered!


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The best prepared solar eclipse observer at Bader Primary School this morning? Carmella, our school cook – sporting a pair of home-made safety spectacles. Venturing into the kitchen for my daily flapjack, I thought Darth Vader was paying us a visit!! Or Dame Edna, perhaps?


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Four of our Year 3 pupils delighted in being able to have a conversation with same age children in Moscow, via Skype, as we look to develop links with the Moscow Innovative Language Centre, Moscow. The children talked about family, pets, favourite food and hobbies for 20 minutes.


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Alas, Sir Ken was not there in person, but his message was. What a truly outstanding communicator and such an important message… A culture of possibilities…

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